General Objectives

The general objectives of Gulhan Memorial Institute, as written in its memorandum of registered society are:


1. To acquire, establish, start, aid, run, maintain or management educational institutes, libraries for the benefit of the public.

2. To help the needy students of all communities for the prosecution of studies.

3. To arrange and organize education on computer both in the theoretical and practical classes among the needy students of the society without profit motive.

4. To arrange and lectures, debates discussions, seminars & excursions for the diffusion of knowledge.

5. To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural, political, religious & scientific education.

6. To establish and maintain basic and adult education centre to remove illiteracy.

7. To acquire establish start, run, maintain, manage, free medical dispensary units for the benefit of the public.

8. To promote and encourage advancement of literary, cultural, religious, economic, scientific, technical education and diffusion of knowledge.

9. To help the needy person irrespective of caste and creed by providing free treatment.

10. To encourage, promote, sponsor, organize sports activities and game like cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, karrom and other outdoor and indoor games.

11. To arrange, organizes, promote social and cultural activities for the development of the local youth youth and children.

12. To engage and assist in such other philanthropic activities as may be deemed appropiate of the governing body of the society.