The idea to found an institutional organisation was born in 2010. The purpose was to create an institution with its objectives to the benefit of the public in the rural areas of Jemo, Kandi in Murshidabad one district of West Bengal, India. In that area there are many villages situated. Jemo is one of them. Six of our founding members are living and working in Jemo, Kandi. One of our founding member is living and working in Germany.

GMI (Gulhan Memorial Institute) is working for the development of the society as whole, the institutional and structural growth of the area of Murshidabad in West Bengal, India. GMI `s target is also to give up their manpower to increase the social and econimical situation of the inhabitants with the philosophy of a harmony relationship between economical and social aspects.

GMI is a group of teacher's, social worker's, business men and des. social & cultural scientist. 


Each and any programme or project is authorized by the Governemnt of India and Government of West Bengal. Some of them are PBSSD, NDLM or PMKVY. read more


Simultaneously there will be arise another projects to improve the living standard and supporting the villages in their self organization and get independence.


The word Gulhan (original: Gülhan) means house of roses or a person who's beautiful like a rose. The institution is named after someone beloved and who passed away as she was too young. We found that the name and the meaning would be give some hope for those who are hopless. Cause we think that every person is like a rose and should get the same chance for a better life.


The members are working almost as a honorary worker.

Who We Are

our mission

Beside of the public school and the main schooling system we want to change the attitudes, as well as aims to provide a better schooling system which would not only be job oriented but also be free of cost. As we known about the social and economical situations of the inhabitants at the rural area as well as in the urban areas we decided to create within the schooling system a place to get educated and also to give some oportunities to get higher educations. Especially we are supporting young girls and women to get involved to the society with all its benefits, supporting them to finish the public primary or secondary school as well as to get higher education. We are supporting them to get placed in one or more of our educational and vocational courses.